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Composer and Conductor

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After finishing classic studies at age 16, Francesco Perri (b. 1972) graduated with majors in composition , instruments, piano and orchestra conducting and in D.A.M.S. and Philosophy from University of Calabria, Italy.  Perri is a published journalist and music critic. He has written for many publications and magzines. He contribuites editorials for cultural magazines and has been on daily radio since 1997.

Also in 1997 he received a scholarship with the Scool of music and Philosophy from Neaples. From 2001 – 2004 he was Director of the Istitute of Music P.I. Tchaikovsky in the Province Catanzaro, Italy. In addition, he is intensely involved in an experimental electronic music program at D.A.M.S. of the Calabria University, University of Cassino and University of Wisconsin (Usa), particularly concerning the field of “Virtual music and musical automatism”.

He is professor of Theorie of Music at Conservatorio di Cosenza, Italy. Perri is the author of numerous essays on musical symptomatology and esthetics on theatre of Francesco Pennisi e Giacomo Manzoni, Movie Scores of the Old Millenium, from Bach to Hollywood with the Synthetizer Moog (2003) was winner of the 56° International of Cinema in Salerno.

As music researcher, he is a founding member of the Ernesto Sabato Foundation –Latin american Study Academy with whom he is developing a study , unique for Southern Italy, to restore the cultural value of the Tango (His pubblication Tango and Emigration 2007 and he recorded a Cd for Sony dedicated to Tango (in wich he’s conductor, pianist and the orchestrator). As orchestra conductor, Mr Perri, has performed concerts in Italy and in France, Bulgaria, England, USA and Argentina. He has specialized in the aspect of composition and instrumentation in the Symphonic German repertoire from 1800-1900 (Beethoven, Mahler, Schoenberg, Berg) in the Russian Symphony (Prokofiev and Shostakovich) and in particular, Wagner’s repertoire and the Italian Realism.