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Film music composer and production company  FILEIN SONUS. The production company was founded in 2012 by Francesco Perri. Supplying music and sound design to commercial multimedia. Specialising in composing music and sound design for the moving image, FILEIN SONUS MUSIC PRODUCTION  creates original music for film, TV, corporate video, commercials, games, dance, theatre and Podcasts.





All music examples presented on the following pages have been composed, orchestrated & conducted  by Francesco Perri and produced by FILEIN SONUS in collaboration with Orchestra Sinfonica SerrEnsemble.

Feel free to download the MP3 examples and please enjoy the music. If you would like to use or listen to these works outside of the private situation please ask for the composer's permission or do so through the PRS or your country's equivalent, in not doing so you would be committing a crime typified under the laws in force. All compositions have been registered with the SIAE (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori) number 112267 and are internationally copyright secured.  Unless otherwise stated all the music examples found on this site are in MP3 format - 44.1 kHz 128 kBit/sec. It’s available to build musical compositions specific for your projects.

It 's important to get in contact and specify your multimedia project.

FILEIN SONUS organizes and produces courses and competitions for new audiovisual languages.